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The Seeds of Hope

OUR MISSION is to plant seeds of sustainability in villages where there are little or no resources. As a framework for our mission, we focus on planting 4 pillars or “SEEDS of Hope.”

Our History

Partners 4 Hope Tanzania was founded in 2015 by Mark and Molly Druffner. They began as medical missionary volunteers in Africa in 2009. Together, along with prayers and support from people like you, their efforts have helped to create sustainable living situations for hundreds of people in the South Pare Mountains.

About Bwambo Tanzania

In contrast to the Serengeti, Bwambo is a small community located atop the Pare Mountains. The Pare Mountains divide Tanzania and Kenya, running in a South Easterly direction to the Indian Ocean. Farming is one of the primary resources of the Bwambo village.


Please join us this year by planting the seed of clean water by purchasing a water tank through our Water-4-Life project.


Join us by planting the seed of education today by sponsoring a student in Tanzania through our Educate-4-Life Program.


Join us in planting a seed of empowerment by providing a micro-loan grant to a woman entrepreneur through our Woman-to-Woman project.


Please join us by planting the seed of health in the Hedaru Region by supporting the M.O.M.s Health Center through our Hope-4-Health program.

To donate and to get more information on Health/Hospital Projects, go to:

Executive Director

Molly Delaney Druffner

1004 5th Street North

Stillwater, MN 55082